Gallery: St Joseph Church, Jifna, West Bank

The town of Jifna (جفن) in the West Bank, near Ramalla, has been a Christian town since the 6th century, and remains one of the few majority Christian towns left in the Palestinian Territories. This is the Church of St Joseph, which also operates a Catholic school for the children of the village, under the direction of the remarkable Father Firas Aridah.

Reading companion for this Site: A 1st Century Traveler’s Guide to Palestine, a very interesting $4 Kindle book that does a great job of putting the reader into the experience of exploring the holy land in the 1st century AD. I read this while in the Holy Land and it greatly enriched the experience.
The truly adventurous who like to do their own exploring can check out Walking Palestine: 25 Journeys into the West Bank.

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