Pope Francis: Catholic media to be professional, in service to Church

2013-10-28 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Monday met with the staff of Vatican Television Centre (CTV) as it continues to mark its 30th anniversary.

He commended them for their professionalism, and said they “must not flinch” as they tackle the technological challenges of the present age. He also reminded them to not lose sight of their Christian duties in their work.

“Play like a team,” said Pope Francis. “The effectiveness of the pastoral work of communications is possible by creating bonds, by coming together around shared projects on a number of subjects: a unity of planning and resources. We know this is not easy, but if we work together like a team everything becomes easier, and more importantly, this style of your work will also be a witness of communion.”

The Pope’s second point was to be professional in the service of the Church.

“Your work is high quality, and it has to be given the task you have been assigned,” said Pope Francis. “But professionalism for you is always in service to the Church , in everything: in filming , directing , in your editorial choices, administration … Everything can be done with a style, a perspective, that is that of the Church, that of the Holy See”

Pope Francis also gave a special thanks to the families of the staff, “whose schedules are often dictated by the agenda and commitments of the Pope.”

“It is not a small sacrifice…and for this not only am I grateful, but I assure you all of my prayers, especially for your children,” he said.


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